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Renee Davenport

Renee Davenport is my pen name. Julie Renee Tucker is my married name. It's a little confusing, but in order to find my books on the internet, you would search for Renee Davenport.

Generally, themes for my coloring books are Victorian, vintage, and retro style coloring books. When I say retro I'm referring to 1950's and 1960's artwork. Victorian and vintage are around 100 years old or more. Most of my books have people in them, but I also have coloring books with animals, flowers, gnomes, and fairies.

Images for my books are compiled in a couple different ways. One way is to find public domain images and the other is to find illustrators who sell their artwork for commercial use. I will purchase their artwork and the license to use their work commercially. Then curate many images together in a way that only I would do.

The images are then turned into grayscale coloring pages. A lot of adjustments are made to every picture and then compiled into a book for you to color. All of my covers are made by me and are unique to my style.

Picking out the images for the books is a skill in itself. More time is spent on finding images than making the coloring pages. You must have an eye for finding images to use especially for vintage and retro coloring books.

There's also a skill making the grayscale look right for the books. It's hard to make a gray image look appealing to coloring artists. My hope is that coloring artists find enjoyment in making the grayscale pictures come to life with their coloring flair.

I'm not an illustrator, I don't consider myself to be an artist, but a designer instead. I've learned many skills in the short time I've been curating and designing coloring books. This is something learned over time and I learn new skills with every book I design.

If you have any questions let me know.
Thank you, Renee Davenport

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